Spinning Cotton, Silk and Flax

When you are ready to tackle new fibers let this workshop be your guide. The introduction helps you adjust your wheel to efficiently spin finer fibers. The easy to follow format introduces each fiber separately. It gives historical points and hints for preparing, spinning and finishing each of the commonly available fiber forms and samples.

You will learn how to spin cotton from the seed or to make your own punis by carding. You will see how to spin a textured yarn from ginned lint or a smooth skein from silvers.

The silk section is the largest and includes preparing and spinning from several forms of silk, cocoons, bells, rovings, bricks and silvers.

Finally, the fiber flax is introduced with techniques for wet spinning natural, bleached or dyed rovings. Line flax is demystified and a simple distoff dressing is demonstrated. Even the tow fibers are carded and spun.

Spinning Cotton, Silk, and Flax

112 minutes

Victorian Video Productions

DVD $20.00

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