Published Articles by PatsyZ

Magazine Issue Title Page numbers
PLY Magazine - plying 2016 Winter Spin It "The Miss America": An Alternative to Andean Plying pages 34-38
  Issue 15 Spin It Illegal Plying pages 60-63
PLY Magazine - bouclé 2016 Autumn
The Convoluted History of Bouclé pages 30-34
Issue 14 Weave It! Faux Astrakhan Winter Hat pages 98-104
PLY Magazine - cotton 2016 Spring
Issue 12
Hot Button Boiling Cotton: My Current Modus Operandi is to Discontinue Procedures Which Don't Make a Disernable Difference to my Resulting Yarns. pages 58-59
MAG- Folk Knitting 2015 Special Issue The Trip I Almost Missed pages 98-99
PLY Magazine - worsted

2014 Winter
Issue 7

Hot Button Worsted Drafting: Worrying About the Direction One Hand Moves is Worring About the Wrong Thing pages 70-71
PLY Mgazine - twist 2014 Summer Thinking Inside the Box pages 30-34


The Wheel, Ashford's Fibrecraft Magazine

New Zealand 2013 Issue Spinning Illegal Yarns pages 10-12
Handwoven Nov./Dec. 2013 In Memoriam: ANNE CONSTANCE FIELD, co-authored with Margaret Stove page 6
Spin-Off Fall 2013 In Memoriam: ANNE CONSTANCE FIELD, co-authored with Margaret Stove page 12
Spin-Off EBook 2013 Common Questions about Cotton chapter in COTTON: FROM GROWING TO FINISHING page 4-6
Michigan Fiber Festival Inc. Fiberline E-Magazine Issue 1 – 2013 SUPERSIZE Your Spinning pages 6-14
BioResources Journal Nov 2012, Vol. 7 issue 4 Editorial: TIME FOR A FORUM ON TERMS USED FOR TEXTILE FIBERS pages 4491-4492
Michigan Fiber Festival Fiberline E-Magazine Fall – 2012 Quick & Funky Neck Warmer and Hat page4
Spin-Off 2010 Summer Summer Scarf--Very easy lace pages 54-56
Spin-Off 2010 Spring Fiber Basics: Ramie pages 72-76
  Ramie Necklace and Earrings pages 78-72
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 2008 Fall No 4 Issue 156 The Spinner's Challenge - Three Yarns Sizes, One Fleece pages 43-46
Creative Fibre 2004 Dec. Vol 7 No 3 Top Ten Questions on Twist: Understanding Twist Forward and Backward pages 16-17
Handwoven 2003 Jan./Feb. What's Hot in Fibers pages 32-34
Michigan Fiber
Festival Inc.
2002, Vol 6, Issue 1 Spinning Rules! Formulas! and Experts! Oh My! pages 8-13
Spin-Off 2001 Winter Hand spun Gallery, Cocoon/Vest/Collar
More photos can be seen here.
page 83, photo page 86
Spin-Off 2001 Fall Silk Sampler Vest pages 70-72
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1998 Summer The Teaching Circuit Part V -- Taking Care of business pages 29-30
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1997-98 Winter The Teaching Circuit Part IV -- Evaluation, Record Keeping pages 60-61
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1997 Fall The Teaching Circuit Part III -- Defining Goals & Creating Lesson Plans pages 52-54
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1997 Summer The Teaching Circuit Part II -- Creating classes: Understanding the Options pages 37-39
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1997 Spring The Teaching Circuit Part I -- Getting Started pages 30-32
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1996 Fall (photo) Visual Sermons by Melissa Coe Grewenow pages 48-49
Spin-Off 1996 Fall Common Questions About Spinning Cotton pages 76-79
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1995-96 Winter Vests for Narrow Warps pages 43-46
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1995 Fall from Limitations to Variations: A controlled Yarn Study Using the Same Spinning Preparation and Method on Four Different Breeds of Fleece pages 49-51
Spin-Off 1991 Summer Navajo Plying Unraveled pages 86-88
International Colored Wool Digest 1991 May American Spinner Uses Shorthand Record Keeping pages 1,4
Handwoven 1990 Nov./Dec. Easy Weaving, My Favorite Vest pages 65, 77-78
Spin-Off 1990 Fall/Sept. Spinning Shorthand, How to Keep Track of Novelty Yarns, Training Your Awareness of Twist pages 74-77
Spin-Off 1990 Fall/Sept. The System in Practice pages 78-81
Spin-Off 1990 Summer/June Ask Ms Spinster - About Unspinning pages 33-35
Llamas 1990 June Wooly Tidbits pages 73
Spin-Off 1990 Spring Ask Ms Spinster - About Duplicating commercial Yarns pages 16-18, 24-25
Spin-Off 1989 Winter/Dec. Ask Ms Spinster, How to Make Skeins, Spin Out of the fold, and Avoid a Common Drafting Problem pages 50-51
Spin-Off 1989 Fall/Sept. Ask Ms spinster, About Worsted Spinning, Washing Wools, Drive Ratios pages 11-12, 25
Spin-Off 1989 Summer/June Ask Ms spinster, About Silkworms, McMorran Balance, Yards per Pound, Spindle Conversion Kits pages 11-12
Spin-Off 1989 Spring/Mar. Ask Ms spinster, About Judging Handspun Yarns pages 19-21
Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot 1988-89 Winter In a Spin for the COE pages 9-12
Spin-Off 1988 Winter/Dec. Ask Ms spinster, About a Jacket that Didn't Quite Work pages 18-19
Spin-Off 1988 Fall/Sept. Ask Ms spinster, About Spinning Wheels pages 10-11
Spin-Off 1988 Fall/Sept. My Souped Up Ashford, Figuring and Fiddling with Ratios pages 40-44
Spin-Off 1988 Summer/June Ask Ms spinster, About Balanced 2-ply Yarns pages 34-35
Spin-Off 1988 Summer/June Handspun Gallery, The Way Broken For You pages 28, 31
Spin-Off 1985 Spring/Mar. Show and Tell, Make It Yourself With Handspun Wool pages 12-13
Handwoven 1985 March/April Make It With Wool pages 10-11