Patsy Sue Zawistoski

Patsy Sue Zawistoski, master handspinner and teacher, enjoys achieving full design potential in her handspun work by creating yarns for use in knitting, weaving, and crochet.

A widely-traveled international lecturer and teacher, Patsy has taught classes and presented programs for various guilds, shops, community arts programs, and conferences, with many inviting her back multiple years.

"I'm a Textile Teacher/Artist – Not a Scientist, nor Rumplestiltskin

I'm a Master hand spinner and an international spinning teacher for nearly thirty years (like Rumplestiltskin, the old man in the fairy tale, except I don't hold babies for ransom). I teach the old skills, spinning fleece into wool yarns and straw into gold. Actually, flax into linen!"


  • Workshops Alpaca & Llama: Fiber of the Gods & the Peasants
  • Angroa Bunny, the Awesome Fuzzy Fibers
  • Banana, Corn, Milk & Soy: Spinning Your Lunch Fibers
  • Beguiling Blends on Hand Cards, Blending Board, and Drum Carders
  • Bouclé Beautiful Yarn: Plying with Thread Binders
  • Cables & Crepes Handspun Yarn
  • Color Options for Handspinning Painted Rovings
  • Cotton the Handspinner's Last Great Frontier
  • Downy Fibers: Dealing with Downright Daunting, Expensive, Undercoat Fibers
  • Decoding & Matching Designer Yarns
  • Fine Wool Handspun Yarns Flax a very Old Spinning Challenge
  • High Tech Manufactured Fibers
  • Hemp, Ramie, Bamboo and Tencel: Cellulose Fibers Old & New
  • Illegal Yarns – An Incredible Plying Option
  • Mohair the Marvelous Diamond Goat Fiber
  • Novelty Yarn, Basic Recipes
  • Optim Wool Fibers, the Most Select Fibers from Australia
  • Plying and Finishing Smooth Yarns
  • Pygora Goats and Their Positively Pleasing Fibers
  • Thick & Quick Handspun Yarn
  • Silk Always the Queen of Fibers
  • Wool Spinners Tune-Up
  • Woolen & Worsted


  • Adding that Special Twist - Spinning for Knitting
  • Classic Cotton Fibers from Seed to Crop to Yarn
  • Fascinating Flax: Blossom, Harvest, Processing and Spinning
  • Goats and More Goats
  • How Many Times Must I Turn Around to be an Excellent Spinner - The COE
  • Lavish Luxury Fibers and Animals
  • Manufactured Fibers and Facts for Textiles
  • Sumptuous Silk the Improbable Fiber from a Hungry Worm
  • Using Your Yarns; A Look at One Creative Process
  • Warped and Ready - The Handspinning Weaver

"Textiles include fibers, yarns, fabrics, and finished goods. I enjoy all the processes, all the decisions. I also enjoy teaching others to do the same.

I take pride in providing accurate, clear, and understandable information."